There are several crucial components to a thorough well inspection. 

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The Quality of the water: Water quality is affected by multiple combinations of natural events, including human activities.
However, other factors such as physical & biological conditions can also contribute to the quality of your water. A potability sample is collected by a certified professional and taken to a private lab for expedited testing. Typically, your detailed report is delivered via email within 24 hours of sample collection.

The Quantity of the water: A proper well & water inspection includes a systematic evaluation of the well yield by conducting a pump flow test.  This is a measurement test of the water flow, and refresh rate - indicating the adequacy of the water supply from the well into the water infrastructure. This is a very important process – as this test can determine if the well provides sufficient water supply for your family’s needs. 

A Well Done Inspection :  includes detailed testing and reporting on the findings regarding the condition of the water in the residence. In many cases, the home will have existing water treatment equipment. We will determine if the existing equipment is functioning properly and give you peace of mind that the water you are drinking is safe for consumption. Moreover, the water is not harming your appliances, clothes, and fixtures. (Water with high levels of iron for example, can damage your tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets - as well as your water fed appliances, and even permanently stain your laundry.)

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Homeowners with a private well need to keep hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides, fertilizer, paint, and motor oil far away from the well, and maintain a clean area between the well and any kennels or livestock operations.

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Remember....It is important to maintain proper separation between the well and buildings, waste systems, or chemical storage areas.